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I have been involved in various activities with my dogs since 1976, but it was not until 1996 that "ACADIA" was born.  In 1998 our first litter of Golden Retrievers was whelped and in 2004 our first litter of Afghan Hound pups arrived  - a life long dream!  Over the years, I have truly been blessed with the wonderful, loyal companionship and love that my dogs have unconditionally shared with me and my family .  It has been a wonderful journey!

      Our dogs are are considered to be part of my family. I, along with two of my sons, have enjoyed competing with them over the years.  We have been successful and are proud of their achievements, but most of all, we enjoy their companionship - we do not and will not send them out with professional handlers. Our Afghan Hounds have been owner handled in conformation to their championships, while our Goldens have been owner handled for their single points and  then ring side pick up by a professional handler for their majors, meaning I am at the show. 

    My Afghan Hounds are all retired, however, Golden litters arrive once or twice per year.   Our girls are never put in "foster" homes to be brought back for breeding and our litters are never raised by anyone else - if I can't do it myself, I will not do it at all!  For me, this is a hobby, but as one of our puppy owners put it:  "this really isn't a hobby for you, it is a lifestyle!" 100% of the money earned from puppy sales goes toward the care, training and showing of my dogs and the improvement of our breeding program, which in turn helps to improve the breed.

My puppies are bred for soundness of mind and body to be loving family companions - some going on to therapy work and competition.  My goal is that each generation will improve upon the last.  Breeding choices are carefully selected for temperament ,health, trainability, and type.  All obtain the Golden Retriever Club of America recommended health clearances before being bred.  (Click on "Pedigree & Health Clearances" under the pictures of our Goldens who are in our breeding program).  In addition, I am also DNA testing for prcd PRA, GR_PRA1, GR_PRA2 (eye diseases), Ichthyosis (skin disease) and degenerative myopathy (disease of the spinal cord), which further improves my ability to make better informed breeding decisions.  A tremendous amount of time, effort and love go into researching pedigrees, genetic studies and caring for my puppies and adults.  There are numerous generations of health clearances in our pedigrees and  I also research available information concerning the health and temperament of littermates to the dogs in the pedigrees I am using.  Most puppies are placed in companion homes, keeping myself what I choose to compete with and/or add to my breeding program.  Good health, wonderful Golden temperament, ability to be trained easily, and longevity are my main priorities. 

       In 2002, at the Golden Retriever National Specialty, I fell in love with an English style Golden who was competing there.  Since then, I have been researching pedigrees and talking with various, long time breeders of this type of Golden Retriever to gain as much knowledge as possible.  In 2006, I acquired my first English style Golden and began blending carefully selected European/English lines with our established American lines, building on the best qualities of both, with the goal to produce quality Goldens with full international lineage, always maintaining my high standards.

The English type Golden has a strong head with a typically wide back-skull, a thick muzzle with a deep stop, beautiful jet black pigment and dark eyes.  Coat color can range from cream (these are not "rare" as some breeders are advertising and selling for exorbitant prices) to a darker gold and a wave is not uncommon.  Most important, these lines are giving me not only the "type" I want, but also the biddable, stable temperaments I strive to produce.

Raising Puppies

35+ years spent gaining experience and knowledge in the sport of purebred dogs has enabled me to develop a method of raising puppies that I take extreme pride in - I call it "Attachment Puppy Rearing".  Every puppy, in every litter receives the same individual attention, regardless of whether or not they have show potential.  To give puppies a strong foundation, resulting in  loving, well adjusted adults, the following will give you an idea of what is involved:

Puppies are whelped beside my bed and someone, usually me, is always with them, sometimes even sleeping with them.  Their first week is spent just sleeping and eating except for the early neurological stimulation, a series of 5 exercises, 3-5 seconds each, which is started on day 3 and continues thru day 16.  The benefits observed in canines exposed to this Bio Sensor stimulation are:  improved cardio vascular performance, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease.  At the end of the first week, toe nail clipping begins.  At 3 weeks of age the puppies move from the whelping box to the puppy playpen and potty training begins.  From the time the puppies' eyes and ears open they are exposed to household activity and noises - the sounds of the clothes dryer, TV's, radios, etc.  At approximately 2 weeks of age, their eyes open and they are gently handled  and cuddled  by my immediate family.  This constant human contact, fist by me from the time they are born, then by family is the time when socialization really begins.  This associates the puppy to the human scent, developing a bond which can never be broken.  At approximately 4 to 5 weeks weaning begins and the puppies begin to associate the command "come" , used with a clicker, to feeding times.  Up until this point I do not supplement mother's milk unless absolutely necessary, as this will put stress on a puppy's immature digestive system. At approximately 5 weeks, puppy visits begin - families who have reserved puppies are encouraged to visit and play with them.  I watch how the families interact with the puppies and the puppies with them.  This, along with my knowledge of the puppies' personalities, and finally the temperament testing at 7 weeks of age, enables me to recommend which puppy I feel will be the best puppy for each family. At 5 to 6 weeks of age the puppies are capable of being separated from the dam and littermates for short periods of time.  This is when they are introduced to crates, baths, blow drying, leash training, and car rides.  At this time they also begin eating separately in crates.  This allows them to build their confidence in familiar surroundings.  Between 7 and 8 weeks of age the puppies are taken to my holistic vet for a thorough examination before they leave for their new homes.   I remain available to answer questions, no matter how trivial they may seem, give guidance, or just plain friendship.  I enjoy keeping in touch, love getting pictures, and regard puppy buyers as my extended families!

Our methods have provided us with wonderful results, whether it be.....                      

Is it a full time job?  YES!!      Is it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!!

Reserving A Golden Retriever Puppy

*   We put a great amout of time, love and effort into providing quality, healthy, well socialized puppies which             will be the most compatible with each family situation and lifestyle.  Puppies are introduced to basic
    obedience training using a clicker.
    Puppies are placed in approved homes only, on AKC Limited Registration with a nonbreeding agreement. 
    To be placed on our waiting list, the first step is to submit a  Puppy Questionnaire.  Once the pregnancy is 
    confirmed we request a refundable, good faith deposit of $200.  This lets us know that you are as serious as
    we are about our precious pups. 
    I ask that if you find a puppy elsewhere after submitting a Puppy Questionnaire that you please let me know
    as soon as possible, as the number of people on the waiting list effects breeding plans. 
    Once a breeding is accomplished, the families on the waiting list are notified.  When the pregnancy is
    confirmed approximately 30 days later, it will be announced on the "Litters" page and the families are
    contacted with the good news!
    Deposits are deducted from the total cost of the puppy.  
    Deposits are 100% refundable if:
- I do not feel that we have a puppy that has a suitable personality for your needs.
- either the breeder or the buyer feel uncomfortable for any reason
- you change your mind - deposit is refunded after the puppy is placed in another home if
         reservations are canceled after puppies are born.
       - in all instances, the Puppy Packet must be returned in reusable condition, and received by
         us within 7 days of the reservation cancellation, otherwise $50 is deducted.

*  If you have a puppy reserved, you will receive pictures and updates frequently - at least weekly. 
   The weeks of preparation are a very exciting and important time! 

*  I realize that situations can change unexpectedly, however, this special time of preparation and  
  watching the puppies grow throughout the early weeks is missed by families if reservations are  
  canceled so I ask that you please be sure that you are ready to commit to sharing your home with
  one of our puppies as an addition to your family before submitting a Puppy Questionnaire and
  sending a reservation deposit.  I am glad to answer any questions you may have.

*  I mail a very comprehensive "Puppy Packet" after the puppies are born and I have received
   your reservation deposit.  This manual contains various info on training, feeding, vaccination, etc, 
   and also includes pictures of the sire and dam, copies of health clearances, pedigrees, the sales
   contract with warranty information. This gives you plenty of time to learn, ask questions,
   and get supplies.  It is very important to me that our efforts are continued and recommendations
   are followed to raise a healthy Golden Retriever.

*  I am here to answer all questions. It is not only my responsibility as a breeder, I truly enjoy sharing
   my experience and knowledge and am available for the life of our puppies. With continuing research
   through Universities, veterinarians, the internet and fellow breeders, I am continually trying to learn
   more, and try to keep on top of and pass on the latest information on health, environmental and nutritional
   topics, especially preventative measures, which I strongly believe in.

*  Each puppy is thoroughly vet checked before leaving at 8-9 weeks of age.  Training is available for those
   puppies who stay longer.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not ship our puppies.  You must come to pick up your puppy - we want to meet the
   families who purchase our puppies and have the puppies meet them prior to leaving.  This is why puppy  
   socialization visits are so important.  If there are young children in the family, they must come for a
   socialization visit so that I can observe how they interact with the puppies before I approve a purchase.  No 

Purchase Prices

My Golden Retriever puppies are typically $2000.   Price is based on the overall cost involved in breeding, the size of my litters, plus the extra effort I put into raising all of my puppies, and is comparable to other reputable English style breeders in the area.  I do not charge more for cream color - all puppies are the same price. Although it is rare, I may occasionally have older puppies and adult Goldens available at different prices depending on age and training.  I offer additional puppy training programs at limited availability.
I can forward your name to  reputable Afghan Hound breeders.
Although we give our puppies the best possible start in life, please be aware that Golden Retrievers and Afghan Hounds may not be the right breeds for every family. 
The Golden Retriever breed is a "man made" breed.  They were originally bred to be strong bodied water hunters able to fend with the heavy vegetation in which upland game was found. In general, Golden Retrievers can have a high activity level as puppies and adolescents and shed quite a bit.  Goldens want and need people time and owners must be able to provide plenty of exercise opportunities and attention, otherwise unacceptable behavior can be exhibited.  Being retrievers, Goldens also like to carry things around in their mouths and will gladly find every sock they can.
       Unlike Goldens, the Afghan Hound, as we know the breed, was "discovered" during the 19'th century.  Little is known about the breed's origin and history prior to then.  They are primarily a coursing hound, pursuing by sight.  They have highly individual personalities and are very capable of thinking for themselves.  They are very intelligent, but on their own terms - it is not unusual to see an Afghan Hound turn a door knob to open a door.  Afghan Hounds are not as needy for attention as Goldens but none the less, form strong bonds with their families and can be very protective of them. 

If you are considering these breeds PLEASE:

* Life is a gift whether it be human or animal - please make sure you are willing to make a 10+ year
  commitment before bringing a dog into your home and family.
* Find a reputable breeder you feel comfortable with who will be there for you for the life of your
  dog and be willing to follow the advise the breeder gives you.  They have years of knowledge and
  experience to share that is not only breed specific, but also specific to the lines they are breeding.
  You must be willing to continue the efforts begun by the breeder to raise a happy, healthy puppy.
* Gain as much knowledge as you can about the breed you are considering and how to choose a
  breeder.  A good place to start is the National Club web sites on our "Links" page.

  Don't forget to visit our updated "Info Links" page!


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